Saveful app download free for android and ios Helps you Make meals with what’s on hand

Saveful app download free for Android and Ios, cook with food you already have,Saveful helps you save food, time, money and the planet.

Unlock hundreds of chef hacks, tips and tricks tailored to suit your household’s unique needs and tastes.

Save ful app from Australia’s largest food manufacturers:

Savefull is a free app that helps you move past the limits of your food’s ‘best before’ and into the possibilities of its ‘best after’

Some of Australia’s largest food and beverage manufacturers have thrown their support behind Saveful, an intuitive and free app designed to help households save on grocery bills and reduce food waste.

Saveful app recipes : 

Saveful users simply ‘swipe right’ on tailor-made recipes to make the most of what is on hand based on their specific budget, taste, cooking skills, and dietary requirements.

Saveful ambassador Matt Moran said by being highly intuitive and motivating, the app will reward and help households understand what is in season and ultimately make reducing waste easy and empowering.

Saveful application for android and ios:

Saveful is free and available on Apple and Android devices thanks to support from manufacturers, retailers, and government agencies, including Bega Group, Birds Eye, Goodman Fielder, Nestle, Qantas, Rabobank and the Queensland Government.

People have a great opportunity to reduce food waste by incorporating more frozen foods into their meals. Simply pull it out of the freezer, take the right portion and pop the rest right back.

Saveful App features : 

  •  By Save full discover how to make delicious meals with the food you already have – perfect for fighting dread.
  • Because Saveful meals can be completely customized to suit your taste buds and what you have on hand, the options really are infinite!
  • By Save ful app learn how to cook like a chef while saving food and money.
  • Experiment in the kitchen with confidence with expert guidance on flavor pairings.
  • Unlock a smorgasbord of chef-created hacks, tips and tricks. From parmesan rinds in stocks to avocados in fluffy loaves to using up leaves, skins and stalks – get hacks to repurpose and stretch your food so you can get the most out of it.
  • Get ideas on how to remix leftovers into brand-new creations to save you time while keeping things fresh and tasty.
  • Discover how to store your food to make it last even longer.
  • Access chef-created kitchen hacks and prep tips that help put meals on the table with speed and ease.
  • See how your food savings add up to money in the bank.
  • Discover how saving food converts to a reduction in Co2.

Download Saveful app for Android and Iphone:

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